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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you allowed to analyse steroid substances?

The use and or possession of steroids are forbidden in many countries, and they are frequently abused.

There are many suppliers selling  poor quality or even fraudulently labelled products to the market. 

In The Netherlands, steroids analytics and the possession and importation of corresponding reference standards is permitted by the authorities. 

Why use your laboratory services?

There are a lot of fake steroids for sale in the world market which could be very dangerous to use therefore it is wise to test your gear to be sure you do not possess a dangerous substance.


Can the SteroidCheck Test also be used for Urine Samples?

No, the SteroidCheck is only to test steroid substances.

How long does it take to analyse my sample(s)?

After receipt of your sample we will have the result send to you within 2-5 days.

We try our utmost to provide you the test report ASAP.

We accept: